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Thread: Pin this loss on Cassel

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    Default Pin this loss on Cassel

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    Got your attention didn't I? I just think it's outrageous that everyone wants to throw Cassel under the bus. I understand that to the casual observer the QB is the highest profile position and so it makes sense to blame him. He didn't play his best game, but here's what I saw from this ugly game from the Chiefs:

    1.) Studebaker with a HOLDING call to negate a 41-yard field goal. Holding on any field goal attempt is inexcusable, it should never happen.

    2.) Jacoby Ford's kickoff return for a TD. Killed all of the momentum after a 10 point lead.

    3.) At least 3 plays of 1 yard to go for a first down getting stuffed. Thomas Jones was ineffective in short yardage situations.

    4.) Berry's holding penalty (or maybe it was illegal block in the back) on the Arenas return TD. Once again, momentum would have taken a huge turn in our favor but the Chiefs once again shot themselves in the foot.

    5.) Brandon Flowers played one of the worst games I have seen from him. The dropped interception on the last drive that setup the game tying field goal was horrible. Through his hands, right into Ford's hands. He then proceeded to get beat to setup the game winning field goal. Campbell was not afraid to go after Flowers, and rookie Jacoby Ford made him look like an average cornerback instead. I'm sorry, but I expect more out of a guy who is being labeled as "shutdown". Ford had 4 catches for 37 yards all year coming into this game and finished yesterday with 6 for 148 yards.

    6.) I gotta pick on Carr too. The play where Jacoby Ford fell on the ground and hauled in a pass at the 8 yard line was terrible. Carr never looked for the ball, he should have easily batted that down.

    7.) The defense as a whole had a chance to stop the Raiders from getting a game tying field goal. No timeouts and a minute and a half left. The defense has to get it done there.

    8.) Dwayne Bowe's drop on 3rd and long with less than 2 minutes left. He catches that ball, it seals the deal and the Raiders don't get the ball back.

    9.) Receiving corps as a whole. The receivers have to get open when they are stacking 8 guys in the box to stop the run. Didn't seem like it was happening.

    10.) Matt Cassel doesn't go without blame. The INT before the half is inexcusable and without it we most likely go into the half up 13-0. He also missed some passes that he should have had downfield. His accuracy has to get better.

    Too many mistakes on both sides of the ball to win this one. The team we saw yesterday was very reminiscent to me of the one that has haunted me the last 3 years. They need to make a statement next week in Denver. For now, I'm worried.

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    WE SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP MOSS. Would have improved both our running game and the passing game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2010chiefs View Post
    WE SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP MOSS. Would have improved both our running game and the passing game!
    Sincw TN picked him up before we had a chance to pick him up, THIS POST MAKESS NO SENSE!

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