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Well, it's not going un-noticed altogether, since the above was a copy/paste from a news wire, and I've read it elsewhere as well.

Y'all can see Bowe negatively no matter what, ignore today's game accomplishments, that's your perogative. For me...I cope by attempting to find good in bad, in all aspects of life, including Chiefs. Bowes remarkable career record high game today, as well as tying a Chiefs historic record...is my good in a bad Chiefs day.

As speculated, it won't matter what Bowe does that's career or game exceptional, he won't be given credit for it, nor acknowledged by some. Bowe will never be perfect, neither was Jerry Rice, nor any other great WR...they all missed catches too, including critical ones...it happens to the best.

There is good in today's loss against the Bronco's. That good is both Cassel and Bowe had career record days, and Bowe tied a record that had not been tied in more than 40 years...that's a pretty big deal when it's been that long. The only other WR's to set that Chiefs record were Chris Buford and Otis Taylor. As well, Cassel and Bowe showed they can make a great QB & WR duo putting up the numbers. Hopefully the brotherly relationship they seem to have developed both on & off the field will continue to evolve and be of benefit in more games with numbers similar to what they were today.

We embarrassed the Bronco's the season finale 2009 at their house, and took away their wild card hope. This was our payback today...it happens like that in the NFL sometimes. Well, they have to come to OUR HOUSE next...we will have our opportunity to pay them back as well.

Football is like every other aspect of life...there is always light to be seen, that is if one is willing to look beyond the darkness for the light. I choose to seek that light, rather than dwell in the darkness, that's all. :)
He will get credit for it, when he does this kind of thing each and every game and not during games where the defense was simply giving up the shorter routes in order to kill the clock.