Yes, I know the Chiefs offense was the top ranked rushing team, and yes Cassel has hardly been sacked. However, I find it very odd that the Chiefs can rarely get short yardage when it is needed. So much that the Chiefs have started to throw more on 3 and 2 than they do on 3rd and 6.

I have seen Brian Waters get his butt kicked two weeks in a row. I mean horribly kicked. Our Right Tackels no longer can block anyone, and Brandon Albert is getting beat often.

The offensive line is to inconsitent and I tend to think that the only reason they have not been completely exposed is due to the running style of Charles and the play calling by Weis.

While I see people arleady claiming to draft a WR, and OLB , safety or a new corner. This o-line is not sound, and is old in two positions. We had better be looking at up upgrades next year.