First, before I tell you about my #82 Bowe fan Thanksgiving Turkey...

I want to wish each and every one of you at Chiefs Crowd, and your families...a very wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you're able to spend it with those you cherish and whom cherish you. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with much love, happiness, laughter, gratitude and Grace. I pray your lives will be blessed, and your hearts open to recognize lifes genuine blessings, not taking any for granted. Be thankful. ♥

To follow rules and keep this post 'any thing' Chiefs related...I want to tell y'all about my '# 82 Bowe fan' Thanksgiving Turkey! HA! My kids and grandkids have no idea, they're gonna bust out laughing...guaranteed!! It will be a fun surprise!

Some of my pie crust I've turned red with food coloring. Rolled out I'll cut a jersey shirt shape to lay over my Turkey's chest, sleeves fitted over the wings. Once laid over the turkey I'm then laying 'white' numbers 82 on top, also cut from pie crust. I'm using a meat tenderizer hammer to texture the pie dough with indents similar to jersey fabric too, haha. My Thanksgiving Day turkey will be pulled from the oven wearing a Bowe jersey, hahaha.

I'll have to dress my turkey in his jersey about a half hour before turning the oven off, otherwise the pie crust jersey will brown too much. I allow the turkey to 'rest' in the oven a half hour before pulling it out to carve. My kids & grandkids arrive around the same time I'll be turning the oven off for the turkey to 'rest'...they won't see it until it's pulled from the oven!! YEEHAW!!