It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, nor what I envisioned, but it was certainly a 'unique' turkey, hahaha. I was running behind this morning with cooking & baking, so couldn't spend the time I want to with detailing the jersey. I also had to leave it in the oven longer than planned...warming until dinner time, which caused the dough to shrink some. It was my first try, I'll do better on the next turkey jersey, haha.

My grand-daughter saw it and was totally confused and concerned, hahaha. She's not quite in to the Chiefs yet at only 6 yrs old, so didn't relate really. Her brother, my grandson, told her, "that's Dwayne Bowe's number, grandma's favorite Chief!" he laughed. Little Madeline no longer confused, rather concerned, said, "oh, how come you put Chief numbers on our turkey!? Will it come off?", hahaha. She didn't want to eat any of it, haha.