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Thread: Yahoo News : Week 12's five most valuable players (Yahoo! Sp

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    Default Yahoo News : Week 12's five most valuable players (Yahoo! Sp

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    Glover Quin, CB, Houston Texans . I don't know if the oft-referenced "football gods" actually...


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    Ready for some numbers that will make your eyeballs tingle? Over the last seven weeks, Dwayne Bowe is averaging seven catches, 104.7 yards and 1.9 touchdowns per game. Those numbers, especially that last one, are positively filthy. That's a 30-touchdowns-in-a-season pace.

    Bowe tuned up the Seahawks secondary Sunday, going bananas for 13 catches, 170 yards and three TDs. Sure, the Seahawks secondary isn't exactly a lockdown unit, but Bowe's doing this with Matt Cassel as his quarterback, too. I'll call that a wash.

    Unfortunately for Bowe, this first five weeks of the season count, too. If they didn't, we might be talking about the guy as an MVP candidate.
    Take the cheap shot on Cassel as a guy not on the band-wagon yet, watch he will be. Lowly analysts such as he have to to survive.

    Interesting link. Forgot about Andre Rison and Deion Sanders getting their slap on... nice clip.


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