Just for fun y'all...post your Christmas wish lists! I'm sure we all wish for world peace, health, love, & happiness for ourselves and those we care about. I'm gonna do a wish list for fun, not think about life priorities, I do that all the time!

1) Chiefs theme socks!
2) Dwayne Bowe jersey!
3) One of those little tailgate grills shaped like a Chiefs helmet!
4) KC Chiefs Chaps like Susie wears when riding Warpaint, hahaha!
5) The biggie!....to meet Dwayne Bowe in person, so I can shake his hand & tell him how grateful I am, that he didn't make a damn fool out of me for having stubborn faith & belief in him as a #1 WR! hahaha

I can't think of anything else just for fun. It's your turn y'all...give us your best wish list!