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    On January 15, 1967, the Kansas City Chiefs were steamrolled by the Green Bay Packers in what would eventually become known as Super Bowl I. At the time, the game was called the First World Championship, which pitted the AFL champion against the NFL champion. That game was played in front of nearly 62,000 fans in Los Angeles, California, which is one of only 14 cities to host the NFL's biggest spectacle. Of those 14 cities, only five have ever hosted the game more than twice.


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    first of all the CHIEFS were NOT "steamrolled" they were only trailing by 4pts at half, lombardi screamed at the pack during half that they were going to beat by a bunch of castoffs. and if not for wood intercepting Lennys pass at the beginning of the 2nd half and returning it 50yds to set up a TD the CHIEFS may have two suoer bowl rings!


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