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Thread: cheifs laid down?

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    Default cheifs laid down?

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    from the moment the chiefs vs broncos was over i felt that the chargers game was not ours to win. then cassel was announced out and i threw up alittle bit. god i hate croyle. Anyways i felt all week that were just not motivated to go to san diego and play full hearted. It kinda felt like a week off to me. Which looking at it and Todd Haleys reaction to the game could be how the chiefs felt. Thomas Jones our work horse had 3 carries. Our offensive play calling was blah (about as bad as these damn reffs). It just seemed like with a 2 game lead in the division we decided to play vanilla then let our play do our talking these final three games. Not the way I'd wanna start the final quarter at the same time. Now cassels rested. thomas jones rested. people are gonna stop talking about bowe. I wasn't to upset with our ds play in that game except on third down. I mean look what they had forward to watching when they gave the ball back to the offense?? I'm excited for this week against the rams i feel like it was plained to lay down to the chargless and let everyone forget about us alittle. Thats what we had goin for us no one talked about us. Cool down the talk about cassel our rushing attack passing attack and then catch fire the final three weeks. Brillant or just me drinking to much kolaid. What yall think

    good day chief fans
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4everchiefsfan25 View Post
    IMO Todd Haley has "out smarted" himself on game planning or play calling during the season like going for it on 4th and 1 and not running the ball when Oakland wasnt able to stop us. I think the reason why Haley didn't want to change the game plan so much was because he didn't want to get crushed by the media talking about how he outsmarted himself again and again, but I mean its easy for all of us to say he should passed more after watching the game but I mean if he would of thrown the ball a lot and Brodie threw a couple INTs I think we would be sitting here saying we have the number 1 rushing offense why wernt we running the ball.
    I agree with all of this, except the part about Haley caring about the media...I really look at Haley as the type of guy who does what he thinks is right and could give a rats butt about what anyone thinks...

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