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We will see, After you lose to the Titans... we will see who will wine!*whine* you have a thread started "whos going to the playoff games" really you are already in the playoffs? I honestly hope your team thinks they already made the playoffs so this way they perform like they did against the Broncos. When your coach had an Anerism! *Aneurysm*Only imagine what he will do if he loses to Tenn.... you think that Randy Moss is going to be held quiet the rest of the season? he is do *due*for a huge game, then you have Kenny Britt who is back and there *their*stud running back who is also do for a big game. I see it that the Titans win by 11. The titans are dirty and they will take some cheap shots at your QB.
Aside from the fact that you are clearly illiterate, and the fact that you want the Chiefs to lose, do you actually have anything worthwhile to say. Or do you want to keep crying about how Chiefs fans were mean to you at the game??