I received this request via email. If you are interested, please contact sarah at the email shown at the bottom of this post.

My name is Sarah and I'm contacting you with the hope that you might help me find an amazing sports fan to be featured in a paid documentary-style campaign for Blackberry. We are looking for a die-hard sports fan living in the Mid-West, if you would be willing to post the following casting brief on any message boards, facebook or blogs for sports fans it would be hugely appreciated!

For the right fan this could be a a great opportunity to have fun and make a little extra cash, while showcasing the love for their team(s).


I am currently looking for die-hard SPORTS FANS living in the Mid-West who fit the following criteria. If this is you or someone you know please contact me and tell me about your sporting obsession. The right fan will be featured in a paid documentary-style commercial.

-Under 35 years old
-Lives in the MID-WEST - Chicago, Kansas City, Greenbay -maybe played a sport in college and still plays recreationally.
-Active, charismatic and charming
-Ideally follows more than one sport religiously - checks online stats, might have season tickets, knows the players and coaches like they are family.

Compensation is $1500 / day. - approx 2-3 days of shooting

Shoot dates will be in mid-January - TBD

If you or someone you know would be interested in this opportunity, please contact me immediately for more information.

Sarah Scott-Farber