did you just say rivers > cassel (slightly)?????

on what earth do you think that they are even on the same plateau

cut it out man

i understand hes having a good year, but Rivers has consistantly put up gaudy numbers 3-4 years in a row, when cassel does that then well compare, but cassel was a career back up and youre saying Rivers is slightly better?

at least be realistic.
Quote from ChargerDan earlier to my post saying Rivers > Cassel....Yeah I'll still give you the benefit of the doubt and say Rivers is better than Cassel. But I look at our quarterbacks performance (24/34 314 3TDs 0int) against yours in a must win game (27/40 256 yds/1TD/1INT - crucial INT too huh)...I just want to laugh at all the critics that doubted the Chiefs, and Cassel especially...No better QB in the AFC West right now!!!