Just wanted to drop in and eat my crow. At the beginning of the season, as big of a Chiefs fan as I am, you'll recall how much dogged them. I was accused of being a Raider or Bronco fan lurking about on the board and in the forum and all called all kinds of other names. Just let me say, man was I wrong. As wrong as you could get and I willfully acknowledge that. This has been a fabulous, miraculous season and I so enjoy my season tickets so much more and being at Arrowhead when the team is winning. I was just tired of losing year after year and they have certainly changed that.
First and foremost my hat is off to Haley and Pioli. Man what a difference they have made. Pioli by bringing in Weis and Crennel and Haley for his daily leadership and coaching ability. Simply put they have made me come to like the taste of crow.