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I don't understand how anyone can say that Todd Haley is not at least part of the reason that this team has made such a turnaround. When he took over this team we were comeing off a 2 win season and going no where. Haley came in got this fat and slow football team in shape and instantly they were much better. Going from 2 wins to 4. At the end of last year and going into this year during the preseason all the experts were saying we would be about a 6-7 win team. We now have 10 wins. Not to mention an AFC west title. Yes we had a weak scedual but so did everyone eles in this divison. We were the best in the divison. We EARNED that divison title and Todd Haley is part of the reason that we are where we are. Todd Haley EARNED some coach of the year talk. I still think he should get it. He has done a great job with this football team. I am glad he is our head coach.