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Man, it sure seems like those guys are trying to trip Herm up with loaded questions sometimes. I can sit here and coach from my couch all day in front of a screen but I really am actually glad I don't have his job. Yikes!
damn. dont forget about the $$ he is making....then think again if you would want his job or not. yes, pro football coaches have as high of a pressured job as a nfl kicker, little room for error, and a few bad games can cost you your career.

but even if you only ever got one contract....you have made enough money to play with. and some ppl (actually a lot of ppl) have the mindset where they are not overly concerned that a lot of ppl dislike them. Me personally, i would love his job.

no i dont know enough about football to coach a football team at any level, but if i were offered an nba job....oh yeah i'd take it in a heartbeat!!