NFL Network's assessment of why The Chiefs have no chance of stopping The Ravens' running game...

NFL Videos: Wild Card Playbook: Ravens-Chiefs preview

My assessment of why The Chiefs are able to play run defense...

Frank Gore - 15 carries, 43 yards, 2.9 Average.

Arian Foster - 18 Carries, 71 Yards, 3.9 Average.

MJD - 16 Carries, 47 Yards, 2.9 Average.

Steven Jackson - 19 Carries, 67 Yards, 3.5 Average.

Chris Johnson - 14 Carries, 58 Yards, 4.1 Average.

With the exception of The Raiders, teams who come into the game known for their running games have not done well at it, against The Chiefs.

What would be far more of a concern, to me, is the success of HBs catching the ball out of the backfield.

Cam Cameron has a history of getting alot of receiving yards out of his HBs. And Ray Rice has had a couple of games (80 yards and a TD against The Saints, 66 Yards against Houston, 47 Yards against Tampa Bay.) where he has been quite successful with that.