My mid-season mock:

1-#25- Derrick Sherrod OT Miss. St.
The Chiefs really need more help on their O-line. If you look ONLY at stats, you'd think the Chiefs were ok on the line. But the eyeball test tells you that the Chiefs desperately need help on the right side. If Sherrod (or ANY other OT prospect) is capable of moving to the right side, I think the Chiefs should jump on it.

2-#56- Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss
The Chiefs STILL need a long-term answer at the NT position. I'd love to see them pick up a NT after ignoring the position for 2 offseasons already.

3-#88- Justin Houston OLB/DE Georgia
The Chiefs need a good pass rush opposite Hali and their OLB position isn't all that deep. Vrabel is probably done after this year and while Studebaker shows promise, I think getting Houston in the 3rd would be a coup the Chiefs shouldn't pass up.

4-#120-Leonard Hankerson WR Miami
I think it's time to cut bait with Chambers. Getting a solid #2 opposite Bowe is a big priority this next offseason. Hankerson is big, tall, and fast with some of the best hands in the class. At 6-3/210, he'll be another big target for Cassell along with Bowe and Moeaki.


Now that the regular season is over, here is my pre-free agent mock. Obviously these picks might change if we address a few of these needs in free agency.

1-DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan-Purdue
Kerrigan's stock is soaring and there's a good chance he may not be around when the Chiefs pick. However, if he's there, the Chiefs DESPERATELY need to figure out how to get more pressure on the QB without needing to scheme it into the coverage. Kerrigan reminds me of Jared Allen, actually... not because I want Chiefs fans to get excited about him, but because he's got a non-stop motor just like Allen. He's not some kind of athletic freak like Kearse or D.T. His body type is actually a lot like Clay Mathews in Green Bay. Getting a rush opposite Hali would be great for this defense.

2-NT Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss
Nothing different here. If the Chiefs can get this guy in the 2nd, I'd take him here... Hell, if they can't get him in the 2nd, they need to take him in the 1st. NT IS and HAS BEEN the BIGGEST HOLE on this team since they tried to make the switch to a 3-4. I've been SCREAMING for cornerstone NT since the announcement to go to the 3-4. We're going to see a good NT rotation when the Chiefs play the Ravens on Sunday afternoon. You are going to see what Ngata and Cody do for that defense... the Chiefs NEED a great NT. Phil Taylor out of Baylor would be another name to consider in the second round... but probably not the 1st.

3-OT Joseph Barksdale LSU
All I really want is some consistency at the RT position. I don't think that's too much to ask. I think the Chiefs will end up signing Logan Mankins this spring and taking Barksdale would solidify 4/5 of this offensive line for the foreseeable future, making a good unit great. However, Barksdale will probably be taken if the Chiefs stay put in the 3rd. They may need to move up to get this guy. I think he's worth it though.

4-ILB Nate Irving NCst
I'm tired of watching Belcher out of position all the time. Linebacker really isn't that tough of a position to play. The fundamentals are pretty easy, but the fundamentals are the biggest problem for Belcher. Irving isn't the big/flashy name I'd like to have in the middle, but anything has to be better than Belcher.

No WR because I fully expect the free agent class to be chalk full of WRs capable of being good compliments to Bowe.