Hey guys. Long time no post. I have resisted posting all season, not because I dont love you guys, but because of superstition. I missed the first couple of weeks because I was living in a tent in the middle of the desert ... and we were 3-0. I continued my forum silence hoping it was helping the Chiefs win.

I have been following the Crowd all season, though. But now it is time for me to give my 2 cents.

So here are some of my thoughts.

1. We need a true FS. Almost everytime Todd Heap caught the ball it was because McGraw was beaten. He also blew some zone coverages. Everytime Berry was playing up on Todd Heap, he either broke up the play or Heap made a great catch. We need another starting quality FS (either draft or a veteran) to play across Berry. This is by far our weakest link in the secondary, and on the defense as a whole.

2. Our defensive front 7 is surprisingly great this year. Our only need is to bring in some youth and or size at NT.

3. Our OL is old, and has a tendency to get beat. We better start/continue to draft some more youth.

4. We need to give Cassel another target other than Bowe and Moeaki. We have had what, something like 5 different people starting across from Bowe? We need some consistency at the other WR spot. It will pull the double teams off Bowe, leaving him, Moeaki open more often, and also keeping the defense off the run game and Jamaal Charles.

5. The OC situation. I think Weis put in a great system and has a great playbook, and he has done a great job with Cassel's improvement, but I didnt like his playcalling for much of the season. Especially the last two games. I think he has completely checked out mentally. I dont like McDaniels as a person. I also think he had no discipline in Denver. They had a ton of off the field problems. However, I dont know who would be a better option.

6. Overall, this was a great season. I am worried that we only beat one or two teams that were better than .500, but we are still early in the rebuilding process. We saw some real development in our LBs (thank you Romeo!), DL (thank you again Romeo!), and OL. I really look forward to this offseason.

7. Most importantly, I won a new jersey off what was initially a drunken bet http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/im...khillbilly.gif with my SD Chargers friend. Whoever finished higher in the division gets a jersey from the winner. Now I have to decide whose jersey I want?!?!?!?!