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Actually, it's right on. The previous poster, 4everchiefsfan25 (see above), further explains my point. The safeties were out of position from the beginning, which falls on the D Coordinator, not on one single player...i.e. Free Safety.

I know exactly what a Free Safety does, I've coached and played football. I mentioned McGraw because a previous poster used that player as an example.

Ultimately, Crennel didn't make the necessary adjustments. Nice try, though.
Well, That defense really did it's job, on the day.

By the time The Ravens were running clock, our defense had been playing far too long, and had been put in horrible situations.

Heap only had three catches in the second half. One of which was short, and brought up a fourth down.

Heap's effort would have been nothing, had the offense simply held onto the ball, and gotten a few first downs, and put some points up.