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And in my opinion one of the killer's was a converted 3rd and 13 with just over 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. A stop there gives us the ball in decent field position with a chance to put more points on the board and go up by more than 7-3. Then we would have also got the ball at halftime. Instead, we went into halftime down 10-7.
And that was really the turning point, in my opinion. Up until then, we were having offensive success, driving the ball...at one point it looked like we were going to go ahead 14-3. But, our drive stalled, we punted the ball close to midfield and let Todd Heap 3rd down us to death until they grabbed a 3 point lead. That potential reversal of fortunes destroyed our momentum and the Ravens made us pay for it in the second half.
That, going down to 10-7 at the half, was the difference?

Not the five second half turnovers?

The first half, with a score of 10-7, was bigger than the 20-0 second half?

Are you aware that our only solid possession was at the start of the second half, (11 plays, 5:15) and consisted of our last first downs of the entire game?

I am not a professional psychiatrist. But I think you guys might be crazy. (Teasing.)