Well. Now that the season is over. Lets start looking at the draft and free agency!

What are your top needs, and who do you want us to pick. It looks like we will be picking either at either 21, 22 or 23 (3 way tie between us Indy and the loser of the GB/Philly game, usu decided by a coin toss).

My top needs:

1. Elite FS
- By far the biggest weakness on our team. Berry will make a great SS. He has the skills to cover zone and man, and is great at coming up against the run. Other than him, we are horrible at safety. It may be better to get someone from free agency. Berry could use some experience to mentor him. (supposedly Champ Bailey wants out of Denver and wants to play FS to prolong his career).

2. OG and/or OC prospect.
-Our interior is getting old. Waters is still playing well, but is one injury away from retiring. Asamoah will likely be really good soon, but Weigmann is getting old, too. Id love to see our 3rd round pick used here.

3. #2 WR
- This will open up our offense immensely. Bowe is constantly double teamed. If he is one-on-one, he will get open. If they double him, then Moeaki, the #2 guy, and the run game will open up. I say draft someone in the 2nd round.

4. OLB
- Vrabel is getting old, isnt getting to the QB and is not the best cover man because he has lost a step. We need someone who is good in coverage, not just a rush guy. Our LBs couldnt keep up with the Ravens' TEs. This could probably be found in either the draft or in FA.

5. NT
- We dont have a true NT. Our DL is good, but Edwards is old and doesnt have the strength to hold up to 2x teams. We need a big beast in the middle. Not sure if there are any great NTs in the draft, or FA.

6. Backup QB
- I think we all agree that Brokie Croyle has lost most of his supporters. I say FA or a low round draft pick.

What are your thoughts?