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Thread: Yahoo News : The 10 best football players in UNT history, numbers

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    Default Yahoo News : The 10 best football players in UNT history, numbers

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    The second part of The Best Football Players in UNT History picks up where part one left off. For the sake of brevity and to avoid redundancy, I have left off an introductory statement. Those interested in reading the introduction as well as finding out players 10-6 should follow this link here. 5. Brian Waters Brian Waters seems to be one of the unsung heroes of the UNT football program, and really the North Texas athletic program altogether. But as any football fan can tell you, that often seems to be the case with any offensive lineman.


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    I didn't know Brian played for "The Mean Green" I only live about 10 miles from their stadium our school distirct holds their HS graduations (all 5) at the UNT fieldhouse. They are rebuilding their stadium as soon as this year was over they started it.


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