I love the Chiefs with all my heart, as I'm sure most here do. My heart tells me to be optimistic. It tells me that we are going to win ever game. It tells me that the bad can be overcome, and that right decisions will be made. My heart tells me that the team I love is the best out there.

My head. It's very logical and analytical. It uses reason and common sense. It's telling me that right decisions aren't being made. Just look at our play calling. It's telling me that playing it safe is not working. It's telling me that we are backwads enough that we are trying to develop a passing game in order to open up our running game. It's telling me that we have a lot of rookies that, while they are doing quite well, will more than likely make some mistakes this year. My head tends to be pessimisic.

Lately, it's been a struggle to determine which one comes out on top. When we blotch up a play, my heart is saying we'll get it right next time while my head is saying it figures.

I would say that the defense fuels my heart. It gives me hope. The offense, on the other hand, fuels my head. Can we improve our offense so that I can live without this struggle every week, and be in a complete state of bliss and harmony while watching a game? Please?

These is my plea to Peterson, Edwards, and Solari:


Thank you. I just had to get that off my chest.