hey gang,

I ran across some interesting information on Forbes.com that I compiled and thought I would put up here for some comparison purposes.

It all has to do with the amount of money in the NFL these days and where that money is being spent. These numbers are from the 2009 season.

First, a little information about the numbers.

Current Value = The latest value of the team
Revenue = The amount of gross income the team received in 2009
Operating Income = The amount of money left over after expenses but before taxes and interest payments
Player Expense = The amount of money spent on player salaries, benefits and bonuses
Gate Receipts = The amount of money from ticket sales including club seating
Margin Percentage = (not really correct here, but works) this is the percentage of operating income against total revenue
Players Percentage = the percentage of player costs to revenue
Overhead = the amount of money that was spent on overhead including stadium costs and everything else that it takes to run the team

Ok so here are the best and worse along with the Chiefs in each category

Current Value:
Dallas Cowboys = 1.8 billion
KC Chiefs = 965 Million 20th overall
Jaguars = 725 million

Cowboys = 420 million
Chiefs = 235 million 23rd overall
Lions = 210 million

Operating Income
Cowboys = 143.3 million
Chiefs = 47.8 Million 6th overall
Dolphins = -7.7 million

Player Expense
Giants 166 million
Chiefs 111 million (we were last in this category)

Gate Receipts
Cowboys 112 million
Chiefs 53 million 16th overall
Raiders 34 million

Overhead costs
Cowboys = 133.7 million
Chiefs = 76.2 million 14th
Bills = 57.8 million

I found this interesting. It looks like the owners could learn a few things from the owner of the Bills on how to get costs down.

Overall, here are some interesting numbers league wide to think about.

All the teams in the NFL have a combined value of 32.6 BILLION dollars

All the teams in the NFL collected 8 billion in revenue for the 2009 season

All the teams in the NFL ended up with 1 billion in operating income. Interestingly enough, this is what the owners have stated they want to keep that amount at.

Players have received 4.494 billion in expenses, or 56.06% of total revenue.

Overhead, or somtimes called operating costs are in excess of 2.45 billion dollars collectively or 30% of revenue.

For those of you who are business savvy, those numbers will mean something to you. For those of you who see that the players only get 56% and really don't know much about business you will think the players should get more. Interestingly enough, with a margin of 13.3% overall, the NFL is healthy, but not getting overly rich.

Putting that in perspective, if you owned your own business in construction. If your company made 100K in revenue in one year, you would have made 13K for your troubles. Its all about volume.

It appears some teams could work hard to get their costs down and save some money, which is another of the owners demands as they ask the players to pick up flights and hotel rooms on their own.

Anyway, I thought this information was interesting. If you want to see the numbers for yourself. You can visit:

#32 Jacksonville Jaguars - Forbes.com and walk backwards through each team from the end forward.