Shock and awe!!!

This was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my spiralling hopes for the season.
I was starting to hope for a high draft pick. Now, with eyebrow raised, I am remembering a little bit of the excitement that I had, just before Willies announcement.
From that point, 'til this weekend, Everything was falling away.
I don't know what is the bigger surprise here. The Fourty-one, or the zero. Both show a glimpse of what is possible.
I haven't jumped head first back into the pool yet, but My heart-rate just became a little bit irregular.(as it usually does this time of year.)
It was just the Forty-niners. I would be thrilled next week, to say" It was just the Cardinals."
Don't let me raise the other eyebrow along with the one. That would be genuine excitement again.