will be running a NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness Pool this year for Kansas City Chiefs fans. Why not since there is pretty much nothing going on in football land thanks to the NFL Lockout. The March Madness pool is open to everyone and FREE to join. The pool is open to anyone but you must be a registered member in order to be eligible for prizes. The top 3 places will win merchandise. It is FREE to join

*Attention members: Please use your forum username as your Bracket Name.*

Click here to join the pool. You will need to register through Yahoo if you haven't already done so.
Kansas City Chiefs NCAA Basketball Pool

Password is: lockout

Here is how the scoring will work:
Round 1: 1 point for each winning pick
Round 2: 2 points for each winning pick
Round 3: 3 points for each winning pick
Round 4: 4 points for each winning pick
Round 5: 5 points for each winning pick
Round 6: 6 points for picking the Tournament Champion

***1 point BONUS for every upset that you pick.***
For example if you pick the #10 seed to beat the #7 seed in round 1 successfully, you would receive 1 point for picking the winner and an additional 1 point for having picked the underdog. The Upset bonus is worth only 1 additional point regardless of which round it occurs.

Good luck to all Chiefs fans!