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I would like to go, but I have another big trip posssibly in the works and will not know anything until after that has been resolved and of course will have to talk to my Bro CapitalT
Wouldn't be the same without you both! Hopefully it will work out for you & Mike to be here for MNF.

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Yeah, its alittle more important than Chiefs, and not much is more important than Chiefs, so that tells you how important it is. Can't sacrifice career for Chiefs...epseicallly when you could say my career could effect the Chiefs and even more NFL teams
I understand totally. Shoot, I had to miss the last couple of games & cancel plans with those I care about, that I was very much looking forward to last December due to moving. I don't like missing any opportunity to create such memories, especially when I know I might not have the chance again...but, moving was a matter of life survival, no choice really.

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100% Yes, and F*$% Yes!
YEEHAW!!!! Looking forward to seeing & partying with y'all again!