My bestest Chiefs friend from Wisconsin, Kelly and I attended the Draft Day Party this past Thursday night at Arrowhead. We decided last year when we attended to attend every year if possible. This year the Chiefs broke tradition, and instead of having the party at the Chiefs training facility, they held it inside the new Founders Plaza on Club Level. It was the first time I've seen the interior of Club Level, it's pretty posh & comfy. I can't imagine though, those who watch the game inside, regardless of comfort & convenience. I'd rather sit outside doing my part as a 12thman factor, experiencing the thrill of the game as I believe it should be.

The Team Store had merchandise marked on clearance, which my friend Kelly loves finding Chiefs memorabilia at bargain prices, haha. He decided we should have hoodies commerating the playoff game against the Ravens, that we attended in January, so bought us each a hoodie, and also some commerative game pins marked down. I'm not usually comfortable with others buying me something, more comfortable with giving, but made a playoff game sentimental exception in this case.

Below are photo's taken with my camera and camera's of others I know, who we ran into while at the party. It was a very fun and memorable night...of which I admit I had a few too many beers, but not to the point of complete drunkeness...just a real good fun buzz going, haha. I could tell y'all some of the awkward, but humorous situations I found myself in while at Draft Day with a couple friends, you would laugh with me or at me, haha, but some other place & time I'll share, hahaha.

Hope y'all enjoy the photo's!! There weren't many souviner opportunities, but I did manage to obtain a few souviners again for our Chiefs Crowd family member Aussie.

This is the escalator up to the Club Level:

Club Level: