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Thread: Free Agency - the Boredom thread

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    Default Free Agency - the Boredom thread

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    While DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell have lunch today to discuss their suits, Arnold's affair, Bin Ladin, or whatever else they're talking about other than making a deal, let's look ahead to potential free agency!

    The problem with FA this year is the confusion as to restricted tenders. If the league reverts back to 2010 rules, there will be some players who have not accrued the necessary 6 years of experience to be unrestricted free agents.

    Let's assume that free agency doesn't start until there i a deal in place, and that deal happens in time for a full NFL season (a boy can dream).

    I am feeling quite good about a number of roster holes: interior lineman, WR2, NT and secondary pass rusher. However, that is putting a great deal of stock into a rookie class yet to prove a thing except they can get drafted into the NFL.


    There are a number of veteran options in the FA pool this year, from speedsters to possession guys. #1 receivers who make good #2 guys, and #2 guys who make excellent slot receivers. It's all over the map.

    The highlights:

    Sidney Rice. Dude blew up with Favre chucking him the deep ball. Percy Harvin ensured there could be no double teaming, and with Shiancoe and AD keeping safeties honest, Rice looks like the absolute perfect starting WR to make plays midway down the field.

    Steve Smith (NYG): I think this guy is a #1 receiver with a slot receiver's skills. He just makes catches all over the field.

    Mike Sims-Walker: Big, strong receiver who has breakout potential.

    Santana Moss - Flies down field and can torch teams for triple digit yards.

    Vincent Jackson - likely to be a chargers re-sign.


    Michael Floyd/Legedu Naanee - They can't keep all three. Huge WR targets.

    Sinorice Moss

    Steve Breaston: Familiar with Haley, knows system. Injury prone but has sure hands and always seems to produce when healthy.

    Plaxico Burress
    Donte Stallworth
    Jacoby Jones
    Laurent Robinson
    Lance Moore
    Dominik Hixon (NYG): Vertical threat.

    How about on defense?

    Aubrayo Franklin was a crown jewel in the DL free agent pool last year and would be a fantastic upgrade at NT while Powe gets acclimated to the NFL game.

    Mathias Kiwanuku - could give a lot of versatility to the front 7 while rushing the passer from the strong side.

    Ray Edwards - Same as above.
    Manny Lawson (still think he has potential)
    Barrett Ruud
    Kirk Morrison
    Paul Posluszny
    Ernie Sims
    (gasp) Vernon Gholston

    Offensive line:

    The same as last year:

    Jared Gaither, left tackle. (moving albert to LG or RT)
    Matt Light, left tackle.
    Logan Mankins, left guard. (keeping albert at LT and starting asamoah at RG and hudson at C)

    DB isn't a priority, but when the best cornerback in the league comes available and Brandon Carr is a free must be at least considered.


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    I don't see the Chiefs getting any big name guys. Steve Breaston is the only WR I think we would go after. I do hope they go after help on the defensive side of the ball. And work on depth on the oline as well. Any help in those two areas would be good for this team.
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    Forget about trades at this point for the chiefs, maybe a free agency move tho. I still think the chiefs need more depth at WR. And NT an RT.

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    I don't think they will go after any big name FA's either. I think they will address depth with FA, and fill holes with well rounded veterans.

    WR2 could see Breastin, Doucett, or Mike-Sims Walker (Similar style and size to Bowe and Baldwin)

    OT could be Matt Light to man RT for 1-2 years while we wait to draft and OT to take over.

    Need safety, NT, and ILB depth not necessarily starters...

    All in all, I'm tired of this stupid lockout! I don't even hardly care anymore, I watch ESPN less and less, and I am getting on here less and less. If the NFL knew what was good for them they would get over this BS and get a deal done, because if a die-hard fan like me doesn't even care to hear the news about the lockout anymore, and is getting to the point where I won't watch this season if games are missed, they have started to take it a little too far...

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    I think if anything the biggest hole still obvious to me is OT. Gaithers would be a huge upgrade at two positions on this line.

    If the Chiefs went after any FA this year, he would be #1, #2 and #3 on my list.

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