I was thinking of ways we could maybe generate more activity at Chiefs Crowd during the off season and current lockout. I have a Dallas Texans Riddell throwback mini helmet autographed by Len Dawson, that I would like to offer up as a prize to the winner of a Chiefs Crowd contest.

The contest idea would need to be one that will inspire more frequent activity by members, & possibly related to a members participation/activity somehow. Any contest ideas, suggestions, or general thoughts about a contest to inspire more participation during this slow time?

We could have Chiefs trivia on a couple certain days weekly...the first member to respond correctly get's points, then at the end of a 30 day cycle the person with the most points win's the mini helmet? The negative aspect I see with an online trivia though is it would have to be on an honor system, no way to prevent someone from Googling the answers. Not that Chiefs Crowd members aren't honest, hahaha...just sayin based upon experience when we played trivia every Friday night at Kid Rock's website during it's slow time, which was typically winter, no tours. Some members admitted to Googling, but they were honest with admitting they Googled, lol.

We could have mini contests within the main contest...give points for each mini contest won, the member again with the most points in a 30 day cycle winning. Example: we could have a mini contest asking members to submit their funniest or most embarrassing moment attending a Chiefs game...members would then vote on which members memory is the funniest. Another would be to ask members to submit their funniest tailgating photo, or most awesome game photo, and so on?

Just thinking out loud here...