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I was thinking that the entire contest would transpire in a single thread and not over a series of threads. Having a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is fine with me. I think that the contest should have no time limit but should simply run until you run out of the number of questions you have been able to obtain. I think that if it runs into the start of the season then that's OK. I'm ready to begin moderating the contest thread. First of all will be the creation of the thread announcing the contest; as soon as we are clear on the rules. Let me know, Connie, when you are ready for the announcement thread and what rules you, TS and Coach agree on, you can do so in this thread or via PM, and I will make the announcement thread. Also, communicate with the me, TS, and Coach in PM's regarding any contest details and what length of time each day you would like to have the Trivia Thread opened up. I was thinking a couple of hours each day in an undisclosed time frame to try to make it fair. If the question is answered before the time span is up then you can go ahead and post another question or we can close the thread and reopen it the next day with a new question. It's up to you kiddo.
The only problem I have with this, first correct answer then move to next question. I say thread open until correct answer. Thread closed by CJ with affirmation of correct answer and member. Thread reopened by CJ with next question. So all know we have moved on to the next question. Keeping score might be best correct out of ? questions.