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Thread: D. Bowe top 100 clip

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    Default D. Bowe top 100 clip

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    In case some folks either missed or dont have access to the NFL network here is a link to the piece on Bowe.

    Top 100: Dwayne Bowe

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    With much excitement of my favorite current Chief being voted #43 top player in the NFL...I inadvertantly created a new yell for when I attend games and Bowe makes a good play or TD...'YEEBOWEHAW!' Now, it may not seem like a big thing, but if you yell it out loud fairly quickly like I did when learning Bowe was named #43 of sounds just like an Indian Chief war cry!! LOL

    Try it...yell it out loud & quick, grab a tomahawk too, hold it up in the air while yelling out, "YEEBOWEHAW!!!"


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