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Thread: Yahoo News : Top five team practices during NFL lockout: A fan's

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    Default Yahoo News : Top five team practices during NFL lockout: A fan's

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    As NFL owners meet to attempt to end the 100-day lockout of players, some conglomerates of players have taken matters into their own hands. While NFL facilities are closed to players and they can't have contact with coaches, some team leaders are taking it in stride by holding...


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    Rumor has it that there was one single gentleman watching the Cheifs Practice from the roof top of a building accross from Biship Meige using binoculars.

    I heard this morning that there are further rumors that may have confirmed that this single man was Todd Hailey.

    I have no doubt that Todd and Matt were probably in agreement to have this practice and Todd probably gave Matt an agenda to work on for the rookies. They were probably installing Hailey's play book and teaching the rookies.

    To me, I love to hear this.

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    When the lockout was lifted briefly we know Cassel did go in and get the playbook, starting to sound like he may have got to spend some time with Haley.

    Even if were only three days of practice having 45 players attend gives me hope that Haley has been able to mold a team from these guys.

    One of the bigger problems I have with this lockout is Cassel getting cheated out of working with Zorn for a hundred and some days now. I feel like this may hinder us with the schedule we have drawn this year.

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