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Do you all know what pains me? Watching the excuse of a team called the Raiders beat the leaving crap out of our offensive last year, followed up with a beating by the Ravens. Our D line and O line was average maybe at best. If our team is to even compete against the Raiders this year we have to improve at those positions. NOT STATUS Quo... Improve. We are not playing a weak schedule this year. This same cup cake Offensive line and D_line is not going to cut it if we want to compete.

The biggest holes are obviously NT, and O-line. Bolster these positions now while we have the cap space, and lets not assume that some back up is going to magically improve during an off season that is short.

I love the Breaston signing, but it does no good if the Raiders are killing Matt before he can throw the ball.

Do you know Cassel was the #1 QB last year with Throw Aways. He did this to prevent the sack as he was the #1 sacked Qb the year before. Fact of the matter, Cassel and Charles hid the deficiencies of this offensive line. They couldn't do that against good defense lines.
You saw the exact same thing I did. The o-line is average we just happen to have a RB with explosive speed that gets by defenders before they can get there. Most RBs get tackled. Thomas Jones was proof of that he couldn't get anything going. And teams seem to run on us with ease. If we don't sign players like Blalock and Franklin on OL and DL I agree with you that these players that have seen their better days or players that might do something at a cheap price won't cut it. We have the young players in place if we want to get serious about the Super Bowl the window of oppourtunity is now. Cassell might be here a couple more years and Charles might be the same if you look at the average life of a RB in the NFL these days. I think some great players on OL a DT and another good safety and we might be talking serious contenders. Signing cheap players to get us by and we look forward to the draft next year AGAIN.