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Thread: Bryant McKinnie Cut by the Vikings

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    Read the name dumbass!!
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    Default Bryant McKinnie Cut by the Vikings

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    The only reason a beer sweats around Canada is because he's decided it will be the next beer he drinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada View Post
    They cut him because he was in such bad shape, they listed him with a non NFL injury.

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    A Vikings reply -

    Good...this guys is a total dirtbag! Let's see here....1. 2005 boat cruise scandal, 2. 2005 3 AM3 gas station "incident". 2009 pro bowl, enough said! 4. 2009 night club problem...this guy is a total dirtball, see you at burger king you fat fu@K!

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    We don't need a lazy OL with a bad attitude and a poor work ethic who wants to be paid more than he's worth. The article says the Bears (who are even more desperate for O linemen than the Chiefs) might take a shot at him and I can almost guarantee That won't happen, unless he wants to take at least a 50% pay cut.

    He was very good at one time, but 2009 was two seasons ago. I think he's done.

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    Doesn't seem like the type of player Pioli and Haley like on their teams. I think if he was younger they might take a shot because they would feel like they could change his attitude and work ethic, but since he is older he is set in his ways.

    I don't think we should look at him.

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