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Thread: Justin Houston Holding out?

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    Default Justin Houston Holding out?

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    So Justin Houston has not been in camp yet because he is holding out. Whats his deal? He is a 3rd rounder, he doesnt have much room to negotiate, esp under the new rookie wage scale. Yeah, some people had him as a late 1st round prospect, but the fact of the matter is that you were drafted in the 3rd round. You get 3rd round money until you prove yourself.

    Sign your contract and get into camp now so that you can actually learn the system and then prove why you should get more money.

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    I hope it works out, but there sure are some red flags.
    The Chiefs are Back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryfo18 View Post
    I hear you, but remember that there are only 4 total players that haven't signed. The other 3 are 1st rounders. Something doesn't seem right.

    What's keeping Justin Houston from camp? - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
    There is no source saying that he is indeed holding out. It is only assuming that he is holding out because he was considered first round talent and was on of four players not signed yet.

    Since something is clearly not right, a more logical answer is that the Chiefs are not offering him a contract.

    That being said, that is only speculation on my part. I thought I heard at one point that the new slotting is for rounds 1 and 2. So round three is still a negotiable contract, so he could be holding out and looking for more money.

    I don't know. Just saying there are two sides to a story.

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