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Ask him for a photo and an autograph if you get the chance.
Oh, I'm not typically comfortable asking for autographs outside of a scheduled autograph signing event. I don't mind obtaining autographs such as at Draft Day, when the players are at a table specifically to autograph items for fans. Silly me was standing by Jamaal Charles...I said, 'hi, nice to meet you'...that was it, I didn't think to ask him for an auto, nor pic, I was intrigued & distracted by his dreadlocks, lol.

This yr. at Draft Day I didn't attend the autographing event...they held it in a different place which wasn't conveniently located to where the actual party was taking place. :/

I ran into & chatted with Kimble Anders, also Walter Taylor, saw a couple other Chiefs players up where we were socializing...never even occurred to me to ask for an autograph. Someone else asked if they could take a pic of me with Walter Taylor, then later with Kimble Anders. Had they not asked the pics wouldn't exist, cause I sure didn't think to ask. :/