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I love The Chiefs and am impressed with Pioli as to what he has done and could not be happier he is our GM. My worry is what if some thing happens to our QB. What are his plans for that? I feel we are only doomed if we have to depend on BC to take over the helm. The fire power is now there for Cassel to improve greatly, but what if? This is my biggest concern. I just wish we had more of a proven back up. But WWPD? (What would Pioli do)
The only good thing is our second and third string QB's have the same amount of NFL wins as Brokie. I highly doubt we will add another QB, Cassel has proven he can take a beating back in 09, and Id rather see Stanzi out there than watch Croyle ineptly run the offense. I am more comfortable with Cassel, Palko and Stanzi than I was when Croyle was on the team.