I originally posted this on another Thread, and thought it was a good topic that might get some conversations started. It was in response to a member stating that they did'nt care for McCluster or Tyson Jackson and that we should cut Jackson. Just wanted others thoughts. Thanks and Happy debating!

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I Think a lot of our fans are to quick to judge our 1st round picks. Let's Give Jackson another year or so before we just "cut" him, same with McCluster, and Berry for that Matter.

Let's look at this:

DJ- His first 5 seasons were considered "disappointments", multiple years with upset fans and last year he became a complete LB, with his best season to date (121 tckls, 1 sck, 4FF, 1int.)

Hali- Being overshadowed by Jared Allen early in his career, he was yet another Chiefs 1st round pick that was highly scrutinized for his first 4 years. Each season people were upset with his mediocre pass rushing abilities. Year 5.... A monster, leading the AFC in Sacks.

Bowe- Had a promising rookie season followed by two seasons filled with drops and character concerns that had fans calling for his head. Last year,Career best in receiving yards and lead the NFL in touchdown receptions.

Dorsey & Albert
- Another set of 1st rounders who have rarely had much said about them except that they didn't live up to expectations. Last year Both had the best seasons of their young Careers. I think Dorsey showed many flashes last year, and is set to break out this season (Now that Houston is lining up behind him we now are able to provide pressure from both sides)

Berry- By far has had the most promising rookie season of any of our recent draft picks, but is still catching heat because "safeties aren't supposed to be taken in the top 5 of the draft" boo freakin hoo.

My point is that we need to allow time for these young players to develop. Tyson Jackson showed flashes last year (although he was hurt a portion of the season, we can't get upset about something he couldn't help) This will be his 3rd season, I saw some pic's and video of him in camp, and he looks like he has slimmed up and is now more solid rather than chunky, it sounds like he has been training extensively during the lockout, and sounds like he is ready to step it up.

It takes time, Look at Charles, he didn't break out until midway through his 3rd season (he actually wasn't even on the game day roster a couple times in Haley's first season) the only reason people didn't get pissed at him was because he was a 3rd round pick. I think if we can be patient with some of these players we will find that in about a year or two, we will be set to compete for a championship, and as a matter of fact, we are much better positioned now than we were two years ago, so we should be thankful for that