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Thread: Preseason, whether your a Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, or Chargers..

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    Default Preseason, whether your a Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, or Chargers..

    0 Not allowed! The only red flags to worry about are the following,

    1.injuries, only deplete depth and if it happens to key players, can be devastating.

    2. Getting physically WHOOPED! Scores and winning the game are pointless....but you don't want to see you team get "out physicaled" especially on the OL and DL. Defenses and Offenses will be very vanilla, but getting physically whooped can be a negative carried into the regular season.

    3. Special teams, poor special teams play can and will carry over to the regular season, think about it, the guys you see on SPT's are the "starters".
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    Best tradition:... I have to go with the Oakland Raiders. How can that be disputed? ...Everyone equates the colors Silver and Black with the Raiders. There’s Al Davis, who has been with the franchise for 48 years. There are all the great Hall of Fame players,...There’s the three Super Bowl titles. You think of the AFC West, and you think of the Raiders.
    (Bill Williamson, ESPN)

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    Makes sense to me.

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    I'm rather superstitious about the preseason. I DON'T like to see us do well in preseason. Always seems like when we have a good preseason we have a crappy regular season.

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