This does not look good for the many issues, where to begin? I know it is the preseason, but there were many of the same problems surfacing last year.

They cant get off the field on 3rd down. They continually allow first downs time after time when they need stops on 3rd down. Last nights 3rd and 19 was particularly pathetic.

Offensive play calling is bad so far in the preseason, I know it is just preseason but it looks pathetic. It wasnt really all that great last year. There is no rythem. Their 2 best drives were in the Ravens game in a hurry-up.

Defense gets gashed on the runs plenty last year and short passing defense they just get torched. 5 yards here and there allows other teams to just march up and down the field.

No way am I even close to being sold on Cassel. He has shown very little to make me think he can lead this team to a Championship. He cant get out of trouble, his arm is average and his accuracy is barely above average. I cant really think of any time he has led the team down the field when they really needed a score. 31st ranked passing offense last year - that blows some major goat.

The O-line never looks dominant, more like barely adequate...then they let Waters go? WTF? Charles' quickness and the pathetic schedule is the only reason we finished 1st in rushing. Texan and Jags were the two worst, not to mention the Donkeys, Colts and Cardinals being dreadful on D. I forsee many sacks for the QB this year.

Lets face it...they did not beat a single good team last year. The first game the weather helped them a great deal, as did the Chargers poor special teams and a few great returns from the Chiefs. Rivers would win that game at the end 9 times out of 10, IMHO. What was their best win? At Seattle?? Not cool. Not cool at all. The Colts were the ONLY legitimate playoff team they even played.

I want to be optimistic, but I will take any bets that the chiefs even win 8 games. I think the final tally will be 6-10. I hate to say it, but unless they really take a HUGE step forward, Haley and Cassel should be considered for removal prior to 2012.