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SD- Is always the better team, and Rivers will have a fun time against our team without a strong secondary

Det- They got better and that D line will probably **** with our O line

Indy- maybe since they don't have manning but they still have the talent

Miami- depends on Henne and if we want to show up

Minn- AP ......that is all

Oak and Den- we always split games
Detroit got better, but Suh's banged up and Stafford's one good hit away from the IR at all times. A walk in the park, no. Winnable, yes.

SD is tough, but they're always suposed to be tough and always start out 3-5. They're slow starters who we can steal at least one from.

Indy is terrible minus Manning. Except for Wayne and Freeney, that is an awful team.

Miami looked good last night, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Minny - McNabb throwing for 39 yards. That is all.

Oak and Den - We didn't split last year. And eve if we split this year, being 5-4 at the end of the way isn't awful. At the very least, it'll keep us in contention for the division.