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Thread: Who paid the refs?

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    Default Who paid the refs?

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    Ive seen numerous plays that should have been penalized that haven't. The refs looked the other way.

    Not that this is an excuse for piss poor performance but this is F'ng ridiculous.

    On the Chiefs second KOR they were flagged for holding and the bills were flagged for face mask. Face mask is a personal foul but being 2 fouls one from each team, shouldn't that have been offsetting penalties? Holding is like a speeding ticket, while face mask is like assault, and should be more of a severe penalty. instead the refs placed the ball at the spot of the hold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayvern View Post
    I swear, if I see one more delayed draw play up the middle, or a screen pass that is not blocked, I am going to throw hard objects at my TV. Haley ALWAYS calls those plays and they are NEVER executed well.
    And seems to happen on third and long which is AWESOME! I will never ever understand how the f you gonna call a play that doesn't get the ball at least to the marker.

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