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Bills fan here... sorry to hear about the loss of Berry. He's a great player and will be tough to replace, but hopefully you can fill his shoes and he comes back healthy ASAP for your squad. Tough game for you yesterday... I don't think that game is a true indication of your team or season. We played well and took advantage of a lot of breaks.

I know a lot of people on the board here are pissed at Stevie J for hitting Berry low. I did see the hit and thought it was legal, but Stevie prob should have stayed higher on him. Saying all of that, I don't think that hit was what did Berry in. He made a cut a bit later in the game and his knee just buckled...


I hope this .gif I included works. It doesn't make me feel any better about his injury, but I hope the venom towards Stevie J is mitigated a bit on here. He's not a dirty player, but plays like that will get you a rep as one real quick. Anyway, good luck the rest of the season. I've been to KC a few times to catch games and I've enjoyed the game atmosphere from Chief's fans tremendously!

P.S we'll do our best to knock of the Raiders, Broncos and Chargers, please feel free to beat up every other AFC East team! ;)


I didn't like that hit. But legal or illegal, I don't like any hit that injures one of our players. And clearly Berry was shook up.

But Berry went back on the field....

Was his ACL already messed up from the hit just waiting for him to make a cut?

Or did he just make a cut the wrong way and simply blow it out?

None of us know.

It's football. And people get hurt.

I'm a Chiefs fan, so as far as I am concerned it was a cheap shot.

But "karma" will settle it all up. If the intent was malicious he'll get his.

Meanwhile, one thing is certain. Berry getting hurt SUCKS!