I settled down to do my favorite pass time, Monday Night Football, although that announcer Tony whatever gets on my nerves, and the first thing that hit me was some one put in the wrong tape and I was watching the Chief, Cardinal game all over again. It was definitly not what I was expecting, When "lionheart" threw for a second TD in the first quarter, I thought I was in a time warp of some sort, with the Chief's wearing Bear uniforms or some wierd thing like that, You know Twilight Zone do do do do do do, and the finish was just like the ending of the week before. I settled back after the game, and it was a good game, and thought to myself, "Well if the Mighty Bears could do no better in Arizona, than our Lowly Chief's, than Maybe, just Maybe that loss in Pittsburg was a Fluke!

Now you noticed I said Maybe, (grin)


8-) :pint: