Chiefs' Todd Haley Says Bill Muir Still Calling Plays - Arrowhead Pride

It's always difficult to tell who is calling the plays for the Kansas City Chiefs offense (from the TV or the press box) because there are multiple people involved in the operation and they're all talking over a headset, one of which goes into QB Matt Cassel's ear.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley has been asked several times why he isn't calling plays -- he was successful doing it in Arizona and Bill Muir has never done it -- but he continually says it's a collaborative effort.

Even though it appeared on TV Haley had taken a more active role in calling the plays, he confirmed at his Monday press conference (via that Muir was the one pulling the trigger on calling the plays during the game.

"During the game, Bill Muir is our play caller," Haley said.

As QB Matt Cassel said after the game, the Chiefs had a game plan and they stuck to it, a game plan that seemed very different from first to second half.

"We had a clear-cut plan that we really felt strongly as a staff in all areas, but offense being one of those, but we couldn't get out of the plan too early and we probably had to stay in it maybe even a little longer than we felt instinctually safe doing that and still having a chance to win. All that being said, I thought Bill did a terrific job.

"Throughout the game, we do a lot of talking. There's always suggestions and thoughts and interaction and yesterday was no different. I thought we did a good job of staying with the plan. We've got to do a few things a little better from an execution standpoint and from a coaching standpoint to put ourselves in even a better chance or a more positive chance situation at the end there."

You can be sure of one thing, though: Haley will go on his weekly segment on SiriusXM this Wednesday and Adam Schein, as he has for two consecutive weeks, will ask Haley why he's not calling the plays himself.