Well, let it be known that it does not pain me in the least to

make the following comment:

Herm made a some very insightful, and productive comments in this

weeks press conference.

He compared the first 2 losses to being in a car wreck, but it

was okay, because we all had on our seatbelts and we all walked

away from it intact. We sent the car to the body shop and had the

dents all banged out, and now we are back on the road again.

He states that he is proud of the team remaining patient and

making minor adjustments, because they have been doing really

well at a lot of things. Also they have not had to play against

themselves, the Chiefs football team, as well as the other team

on the field.

He was referring to the little mental errors (only 4 penalties

against the Chargers) the team has caused to hurt themselves. He

also acknowledged the fact that our kick return team has hindered

our ability to get into the game early. Being backed up so many

times, and then having penalties when we make great plays, is

causing so many 3 and outs.

At halftime he told the team that he thought they were doing very

well. He said some of the players were looking at him like he was

crazy, but most of them trust him enough to realize that he is

always telling the truth. Well it looks like he was telling the


He explained some minor adjustments that needed to be made, and

the players responded in the second half.

He states that he is VERY surprised that DJ has only one

interception, he expected him to have more with his god given

talent, and that he will continue to improve in that area as


He is particularly concerned about first possession three and

outs. It is killing the ability of the team to get into a rhythm.

He says Turley has a sore ankle but he will be ok (not sure if

that means he will play or not) and that Chris Terry(?) did a

great job filling in for Turley.

He praised Rayner and said that he got the game ball for the game

against the Chargers. Said he was one of the unsung heroes.

He then goes on to give praise to the rest of the special teams,

saying we have done well on kick return coverage, punt return

coverage, and our punt returning has been done well also.

He is a little concerned that the next two games, even though

they are home games, the Jags and the Bengals come in after their

by weeks. He says it gives their guys a little bit of time to

heal up and get prepared. But it also could throw off their

timing being out of it for a week.

He thinks this game might be compared to the game last year

against the 49ers where we got over that hump and went on a roll.

Then we went to Pittsburgh without a bat (presumably he was

comparing it to a brawl and we came without a weapon?) and it got


He is very happy with Rayner making the long field goals. He said

it is very important to make those long field goals because it

keeps the defense from having to get back on the field with a

relatively short field. He said he went up to Gun(ther) and told

him they were going for that 49 yarder, and Gun(ther) was like

"Ooohhh, I hope that kid makes it, and he did. It really helps

the defense out having a consistent guy kick the ball. He said

it shows how you feel about your defense when you need to kick

the field goal, and that is a big reason he allowed him to make

the kick, he has so much confidence in his defense.

A reporter asked him about the FUMBLE at the goal line made by

Tyron Brackenridge, and he said he looked at the tape and thought

he crossed the goal line. He said he didn't have a problem with

that, it was what he did after the TD. (I personally don't

remember the celebration or whatever he did, I was in a typing

frenzy keeping chief31 and others updated. So if anyone has taped

the game, or watched that play again, let me know what he did.

Also if that was a fumble, whas it Jared that picked up the ball

in the endzone and looked back at Herm? One of the players did

and I think that they should be given credit for the TD, if that

is the case. Someone please let me know what happened. This sucks

not having the game to replay!!!)

He said he went to Tyron and told him "Listen, we don't do that here. That's not what we do. I realize some of it was just that he was a free agent, rookie and scored his first TD in the NFL, he didn't know what to do. He was just excited. I get that."

He then was asked what he did when he scored the TD known as the Miracle at the Meadowlands. He said he was just reacting, but as soon as he slammed the ball he knew Dick V. was gonna be upset. He said I hope he didn't see it, and I hope nobody tells him about it. "I mean we won the game, and all I could think about was, Oh I hope Dick didn't see that!"

Overall I was impressed with this weeks foray in to the Circus that is the KC media.

This next statement also does not pain me to say: