Does trading Bowe make sense? - AFC West Blog - ESPN

ESPNís Adam Schefter is looking at some trades that he thinks make sense, but likely wonít happen before Tuesdayís trading deadline. Included in his proposed deals is a swap of receiver Dwayne Bowe by Kansas City to Tennessee. In the deal, Schefter has the receiver-hungry Titans giving the Chiefs second and fifth-round picks to the Chiefs.

It would surely be a good deal for the Titans, who could use a veteran a receiver as they try to continue their playoff push.

But would it be a prudent deal for the Chiefs? I donít think so.

Yes, Bowe is a free agent at the end of the year. So, if they donít think they can or want to extend him, getting valuable picks is better than losing Bowe outright.

But I think the Chiefs need to keep him. They have plenty of cap room and he is a core player. The Chiefs will be better with Bowe than without him. He is heating up after a brilliant season last year. He and quarterback Matt Cassel have a terrific rhythm together.

I know the Chiefs drafted Jon Baldwin in the first round and signed Steve Breaston in free agency. But this offense could be very dangerous with all three of these receivers.

Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli has done an outstanding job in giving his core players contract extensions. The fact that Bowe has not been given a new deal yet could be a sign that there is hesitation on one of the two sides.

But, in the end, I think extending Bowe would be a better avenue than trading Bowe.