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Thread: Any VA/DC/Maryland Chiefs fans heading to 49ers/Skins gamenDC?

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    Default Any VA/DC/Maryland Chiefs fans heading to 49ers/Skins gamenDC?

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    With the old 49ers making a surge unseen since my youth, I am making the trek up to FedEx first weekend of Nov wearing my Moeaki jersey all the way.

    Any transplant Chiefs fans heading to the game in DC?

    I will be grilling up Virginia Beach's finest seafood and all my fellow chief fans are welcome to some!

    Worst part about attending these dang Redskins games is everyone thinks I am a fan, home or away jersey) . . . . .Furthest from the truth!! haha

    I attended the game at San Diego a few weeks back. . .bit of a sad turnout compared to last year, but basically expected with our dismal start. Met a super fan with full pads and visored helmet I've seen on the tube a couple times. He had an awesome crew with great KC food. Thanks to those guys for being so hospitable. I hope they enjoyed my keg of Stone IPA

    I was 9 rows back on Chiefs side, and I was surrounded by Chargers fans. Felt bad for the first 4 rows of actual chiefs fans, who of course couldn't see anything happening on the field, I made that mistake in 09' and obviously won't do that again!!

    Still milling over flying out to KC for Halloween game but I don't think its going to happen! If only I could go to every Chiefs game like that super fan I met, who's name I can not remember, hope someone can help me out with that.

    Best to Chiefs Nation,
    And cheers to a swift recovery to Mr. Charles,

    Blake Guthrie

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    How could you skip out on Chargers and MNF at Arrowhead? If only I could afford to go and I live in Kansas I would be there, my wife would kill are young and still like to trick or treat. If I had tickets to the game in KC I would go.

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