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Cassel was awful against Buffalo and Detroit and it's not because the whole team was inept. Cassel made history with the lowest net yardage per attempt with at least 20 attempts. 4 yards per pass is an absolute joke. That against Buffalo.

Then, the following week against Detroit, he follows up that disaster by forcing stupid throws resulting in 3 picks, which lead to a large amount of Detroit's 48 points. Don't forget his fumble, which also lead to a TD. Then he goes and loses the game against SD.

If we had a better QB, no doubt, we'd have won against SD. Maybe not against Buffalo and Detroit, but we may have been a bit more competitive.

As for Peyton Manning getting a pass, did you see who he was playing with last year? I'd love to see how he would've done with Bowe, Charles, and Moeaki.
Cassel was not awful in those games. He was slightly below average.

The rest of the team was awful though.

This is a team that had become a cellar-dweller, and Cassel has led us to 13-9 in the past year and change.

Guys who were enormous underachievers prior to Cassel and Haley's arrival have performed like superstars with them.

I think most of you are misled by the style of offense that we run, with the rushing attack and short, quick passes, thinking that the smaller passing statistics mean the QB is bad.